The Geoprobe 7822DT offers the same all-terrain capability as our Geoprobe 6620DT’s but with the added bonus of a slightly large rig. The Geoprobe 7822DT’s offers more auger capability with 4000ft torque enabling us to install deeper 2” monitoring wells. The new diagnostic systems on these rigs enable us to identity problems to reduce and eliminate any drilling downtime. The carrying systems on these probes enable us to carry all drilling tooling and materials to remote locations. These probes are transported to drilling location in larger trucks allowing us to carry large amounts of materials for large projects, reducing the need for costly service vehicles. Our Geoprobe 7822DT’s all come with engineered mounted auger cages to ensure we are meeting all OHSA regulations. All of our trucks are equipped with decontamination systems to ensure our tooling is decontaminated properly in between borehole and monitoring well locations.

Geoprobe 7822DT’s Specs