Direct Environmental Drilling Inc. specializes in Environmental Direct Push Technology, it’s in our name.  Direct Environmental Drilling Inc. has been utilizing and specializing in Direct Push Technology for over the past 7 years and has made it our core area of expertise.  We know and come prepared to use the correct Direct Push Application for each environmental drilling program. 

If the scope of your drilling program exceeds the limitations of a Geoprobe, we have our Diedrich D-50 Rubber Track Machine.  All of our trucks come equipped with decontamination systems to ensure our tooling is properly decontaminated in between each borehole and monitoring well installation. 

Environmental Services Provided:

  • Continuous Soil Sampling
  • Discrete Soil Sampling
  • Monitoring Well Installations
  • Monitoring Well Decommissions
  • Monitoring Well Repair & Maintenance
  • Injection Well Installation & Probing
  • Vapour Well & Soil Gas Implant Installations
  • In-situ Groundwater Sampling
  • Bedrock Coring