Direct Environmental Drilling Inc. offers a wide variety of geotechnical services.  Our Rubber Track Diedrich D-50 is a versatile machine that is capable of drilling in most soil conditions in Ontario.  We provide tooling for all overburden soil conditions and bedrock coring, which enable us to provide our clients with the information that they require at the most cost effective method. 

Our Geoprobe 7822DT’s and Geoprobe 6620DT’s are also equipped with auto-hammers, which are safe and provide accurate blow counts.  The low clearance and compact design of the Geoprobes makes them ideal for indoor and tight drilling locations.  The use of Direct Push Technology allows for quick and accurate results in challenging saturated sands. 

Geotechnical Services Provided:

  • All machines equipped with Safety Auto-Hammers for n-values and split spoon sampling
  • Shelby Tube Sampling
  • Vane Shear Testing
  • Piezometers 
  • CPT & DMT
  • Bedrock Coring